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Prevention is better than cure

Why we do


of all deaths in India are due to lifestyle or non-communicable diseases, despite being preventable


of all healthcare expenses go towards inpatient care for lifestyle diseases, especially in urban and semi-urban pockets


Urban dwellers tend to forgo doctor’s visits owing to negligence and long waiting-times

“62% Indians are under increased high risk of developing lifestyle diseases”

Entrepreneur India

“Non-communicable diseases tend to have a better chance of getting successfully managed if detected early, and the chances of detecting them early are more with a preventive mindset”

FE Bureau

Financial Express

“With unprecedented rise in health awareness and management of lifestyle among Indians – a 130-million Health Conscious Individuals (HCIs) will be actively taking preventive measures to ensure a healthy living by 2022, the Redseer report states.”

Team SMB


“As the focus shifts from physician-centric approach to customer-centric one, Integrated Healthcare Solutions offering Diagnostics and Monitoring at an affordable price will be key.”

FE Bureau

Financial Express

About Satin

A word which fuses the strength of two immensely powerful women - our beloved grandmothers - ‘Satya’ and ‘Indu’ who for us are the epitome of courage in the face of inaccessible healthcare. Their fight against numerous preventable diseases (from Cancer to Kidney problems) is an inspiration, which is translated as Satin Healthtech.

Satin is not just a textile (end-product), but a weave (process) that's woven from long, continuous fibers that gives the satin cloth, its iconic luster; similarly health is not a definitive point, but a continuous process of monitoring and timely diagnosis that gives our body, its iconic fruit of good-health. We, at Satin Healthtech, are decentralizing healthcare which is hospital centric, and bringing it home; so that it is available for everyone at a time and place when one needs it the most. Weaving the Satin of enhanced, affordable, accessible healthcare for all

What we do

Home Diagnostics

Easy to use Point-of-care diagnostic tools for anytime, anywhere diagnosis

Health Monitoring

Continuous real-time Health Tracking to monitor vitals and record trends

m-Health Analytics

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Health reports to track Health and Treatment Progress